Thursday, 19 March 2009

new kitchen

We've moved production out of the house and into a new kitchen above the office. It's a beautiful space built from wood sustainably harvested from the farm along with a fine slab of pilon from a friend. We splurged rather heavily on new appliances and so have a spanking new 13 cubic foot fridge, a 3 ring gas stovetop and a small convection oven. We also have a built in incubator for the tempeh and a built in dehydrator for many things. And there's hot water from solar collectors in the roof!! There are many windows - with screens, and I'm right above the nursery and the medicinal garden, quite a lovely work environment. This may well mean that I'll finally get out of the kitchen and back into the dirt, it's been a long while . . .

It's hot and sunny here at last and working in the kitchen is a bit of a bikram experience: with the stove and oven on, the incubator and dehydrator going and the ambient temperature in the 80s, I must be dropping pounds in sweat alone. But it feels really good.


  1. Oh!! Wow!! You choose wonderful new appliances for your kitchen... Great choice!!

  2. Your new kitchen sounds great! I have enjoyed reading through your posts and hearing about all you're doing on your finca. My family and I are moving to a finca in the Tileran area in late May. We are very excited. I am used to purchasing my organic staples like wheat berries and soybeans, in bulk, do you have any suggestions as to where I can find them in Costa Rica?


thanks for sharing!