Friday, 24 July 2009

jungle living

You know you're living in a jungle house when:
~ a 4 inch rhinoceros beetle crashes into your plate during dinner
~ a rat runs up the wall from behind the fridge, across a rafter and disappears into a crevice above the bathroom, watched by 4 lazy dogs
~ you find a scorpion under your laptop
~ there's an orange-kneed tarantula living behind the extra toothpaste in the medicine cabinet
~ each morning you step over bat poop on the way to the bathroom
~ an anole jumps on your leg to catch a mosquito
~ the hummingbirds take a short cut through the kitchen

It's wonderful.


  1. I'll take your word for it! :D :D :D
    The hummingbird I'd like to see for myself, though.

  2. That's too funny, except for the scorpion! How about the monkeys, do they come close to the jungle house?


  3. Sunita,

    You'd have to be quick, those hummers fly ever so fast!

  4. Atulya,

    in this area we have white faced capuchins and howlers. Some mornings we hear the howlers, but the monkeys in this area don't come anywhere near the house. We live close to an indigenous community and they still hunt monkeys, so they've learned to be very wary of people. When I lived in the tree house, the monkeys would spend a night every 8 days or so in my tree - that was special:)


thanks for sharing!