Monday, 5 October 2009

eating locally

The Farmers' Market is becoming increasingly important to me, not simply the social enjoyment I get from sharing time and space with the other stallholders and our friends and customers, but the whole ideology behind the market: eating fresh local foods produced by fresh local farmers who know their dirt and love their land. (long sentence)
I've long been an advocate of harvesting my own food, whether it's something I've grown or something I've foraged, the simple joy never fades. I'm lucky and blessed to be able to make a living from this joy now.
Our first newsletter focused on support of the farmers' market and enthused about eating locally. Now I'm excited to be putting together the second with editorials continuing the theme and gardening info on which edibles work best in this area: I hope this becomes a series with each newsletter talking about a specific fruit, vegetable, medicinal or spice. I'm an avid reader of websites like Sustainable Table, Via Campesina/ Food First,Slow Food, which brings me to this post.

December 10th is Terra Madre Day - a day to celebrate local foods, sustainable and fair agriculture and the abundance the earth is prepared to offer us day after day:

"Slow Food is launching Terra Madre Day around the world, to be held for the first time on December 10 this year. Slow Food convivia, Terra Madre food communities and all people supportive of our ideals are invited to organize an event, however small or symbolic, in your local area.

By taking this opportunity with passion and inclusiveness, we can achieve one of the largest collective occasions celebrating food diversity ever achieved on a global scale,

A global revolution can only grow from local roots, and together our community actions will help build opposition to the misguided approach of agribusiness.

We invite you to let loose your creativity and make December 10 a memorable day, encouraging and supporting sustainable food in your corner of the world. It will give us all a boost and renewed pride in what we are doing locally, while knowing that we are part of a world network for change."

We'll be doing something here to celebrate, not sure what yet, but I'll let you know. Have a look at what's happening near you!

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