Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The rains have come. Great sheets of water slicing from the sky, thundering on the tin roof, overflowing the rain barrels, forming great muddy puddles, washing away leaves, twigs, branches and boughs, snarling clumps of debris below the bridge. Sounds like winter, and it would be fun if we could bundle up, close the doors and snuggle into a cozy fireside with mugs of hot cocoa. But no, we live in an open house, barely screened - ideal in the sunshine or showers but wet and damp and chill in these drenching seasons. The two of us and the dogs huddle in corners seeking solace from the drafts and the drifting rain, the floor wet and muddy from dogs who must go outside every once in a while, hardly able to hear ourselves from the noise of the rain on the roof. When the phone rings we must go below the house to where it's quieter.

rain through the flat windows, click to see the streams pouring from the roof.
The flat where my work kitchen is, is cozier, it has 4 full walls, all the way from floor to roof. The windows are screened, the tin roof is lined with wood. The oven is there. Soon I'll brave the 400 steps down the sodden, slippery hill through wet jungle foliage slapping my face and dripping down my neck, watching my every move as the wooden steps are like ice in this weather, squelching and squishing through the mud. Rain.


  1. I love your description.It is the thunderstorm season here and as long it is just rain and not hail stones from the sky I am happy

  2. oh hailstones, oh I'd forgotten about those! Yes, I'd be happy too - I shouldn't really complain :)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Costa Rica! My dream destination. - Well, one of my dream destinations. :-) - I've added you to my blog roll. I like it here. :-)

  4. It is rainy here too, a typical rainy November. I am doing kitchen repairs and redoing my walkway. So my house is dusty with wet footprints from the dogs and us humans. I shan't complain though we need the rain.

  5. I'd love some of that rainy weather. I miss the monsoon....

  6. The rainy season...everything is wet. My clothes have been on the line under the roof of our bodega for three days, I think they were dryer when they came out of the washing machine. I feel for you Ancel, be safe, volcanic mud is very slick when wet.


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