Monday, 14 December 2009


Christmas is almost upon us. One has to try pretty hard to muster christmas in the tropics. Growing up in Scotland I was intensely aware of the dark and the cold and the weight of the year. The solstice and the lights of the christmas tree, the burning fires and candelight, the feeling of anticipation for something more than gifts, the deepness and stillness that comes with snow, the strength of the quietness of those nights. . .

All the things that bring on a mood of reverence and awareness of what is beyond the small things of life have to be sought for anew here where the weather is as always, the light is it's typical 12ish hours and there's no snow for miles and miles and miles.

I'm getting there. I've found an online radio channel that plays what I want to hear for this time (Accu radio). I've made my first batch of mincemeat pies, and today will work on the second. I've made an advent nature table with the 4 kingdoms represented (figuring that the 5th, fungus, is present in all). I'm playing carols on my flute, and yesterday we decorated the tree.

Our christmas tree is a living one, a Norfolk Pine. Norfolk Pines don't grow here, but the farmer has a way with plants and has coaxed this one through several christmases now. It's not your typical christmas tree, the lower branches have been dropped and the bare trunk is decorated with lights and a couple of growing vines. It looks somewhat like a palm with its long slender (very slender) branches radiating out, each set making a 5 pointed star. The set it put out this past year make the tree about 7 foot tall, but luckily the branches sweep down and out, each is lightly festooned with old and handmade decorations.

I'm making several gifts, of wood, glass and wool, trusting that they'll all come together in time. The dogs biscuits will get done today and I've got an order in for pigs' ears with Noity, hopefully they'll have that treat too on the 25th.

We have a big party for friends and neighbours on the 25th and the invitations went out this weekend, we'll have rondon (recipe soon, a traditional dish of coconut fish stew), salads from the garden, christmas pudding and mincemeat pies, plus whatever else is brought to share.

It's all good. I'm slowing sinking into that peaceful center of joy and connection with the greater. All good.


  1. Your 'christmas tree in the tropics' looks great. We've been influenced by hundreds of Hollywood movies to try making our own. So we use what is available... casuarina, silver oak or even mango! My favourite is silver oak which gives the most wonderful fragrance to the whole house.

  2. Ah Sunita,
    good to hear from you! Gosh, I can't even imagine what making a christmas tree from a mango might be like? Driving through town today we saw some pretty strange trees, mostly tied together branches wrapped with paper and hung with balloons. I wonder what it is about a triangular tree for this time of year?
    I hope you post pics of yours!
    Merry season!

  3. wishing you peace and joy in 2010 and more.

    So happy for you that you are doing what you like best with wonderful people.

    Feliz Navidad

  4. Thank you! Warmth of heart and lightness of soul to you too in the coming year,

    Feliz Navidad

  5. Wonderful reading about your preparations for Christmas. And about the strength of the quietness of those nights in colder climes....

    I've moved to Wordpress now. Wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great year ahead!


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