Sunday, 11 September 2011

well, it's been some time . . .

over a year in fact. I was thinking I would sneak an entry in at the beginning of August and maybe no one would notice, but really it's been over a year since I wrote on this blog. Shame on me. It's not that I haven't been writing - just elsewhere. Anyway, I'd like to reconnect. So for your viewing pleasure (if anyone is still out there!) here are some toucans:

The toucans are all in a tree planted especially for them, behind the workshop. The farmer doesn't know what the tree is, nor has he seen it anywhere else, but one happened to start by the house and he realized that the toucans loved the purple berries. After many attempts to start it from seed he finally tied a branch to the house and started a couple of air-layers, one made it. He planted it out in a prime viewing spot and this year it started producing fruit. What a treat to see the toucans visit! Three of them came and spent a few minutes picking through the small berries. The tree up at the house has much larger fruit so we have high hopes for the new addition to our landscape.


  1. Great to have you back, Ancel! Hope you have been well.


  2. Ancel!! Hi! I have e-mailed you 4 or 5 times since May with no response. I must have the wrong email address. I just want to get back in touch, we will be in CR for six weeks right after Thanksgiving. I would love to see you while we are there. Please e-mail me again so we can reconnect. Hugs! Angie

  3. Hurray for toucans, fig trees, and Ancel being back online!! we've sold our property and moved closer to the sea (30 minutes south) The new property has lots of established fruit trees (lemon, lemonaide, mandarin, mulberry, pecan, 3 macadamias, fig) and it borders a creek!!! remember my water harvesting efforts? ;) and theres a cedar house with a little creekside cabin. the kids love it, we all do. I'm getting a certificate in massage, and might set the cabin up for treatments. enough about me, I'm happy to see you on here again.
    much love my friend,

  4. Hi Ancel, its so good to see you're back to blogging again. Missed your posts.


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