Sunday, 3 June 2012

Congo bees and bats

We're having a typical Sunday here: french toast with homemade chocolate sauce for breakfast and dog baths. Lyla was a bit over excited after her bath so I thought I'd dry her off and reached for the dog towel - but it was somehow stuck and my tug was followed by the appearance of quite a few congo bees. The farmer gave it an almighty tug and off it came, followed by quite a lot of bees. The space below the towel was filled with quite a good sized nest, we're not quite sure whether this means that a) congo bees build really quickly, or, b) it's been some time since I dried a dog. Either way the bees weren't too impressed at the disturbance and flew around angrily for some time. Congo bees are very common, smallish and black. They don't sting, but they do have a tendency to get stuck in your hair and bite. Best avoided. I'm trying to think of a way to scare them off long enough to see if that's really honey in those golden globes. The lizards and big ants seem pretty interested in the nest too. They must have larvae and eggs in there, but I can't see any.

We have a small colony of bats that live on the back wall of the house, but have recently been spending the days inside the bathroom. Of the 5, 3 are currently carrying babies. Not a great picture, but I hope you can see the babies . . .


  1. Those Congo bees have come a long way! Imagine flying so far on such little wings. ; ) I saw what I thought was a hummingbird along the estuary yesterday: an exquisite little wren fluttering to remain stationary, getting something from a flower. I also saw the cat, who I think lives rough by the abandoned old people's home and stalks along the cycle path to everyone's delight. She jumped up on the handrail by the bridge and let me stroke her for a bit. Today it's raining and overcast and I don’t suppose I’ll stray far from this armchair.

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