Friday, 2 May 2014

catching up

The farmer and I have been trying to get away since January, and finally this week we did: into the mountains for two nights, then to the city for a night. Came back refreshed, and with supplies.  I spent today catching up with all the things I needed supplies for - and realized that we actually do a lot of things! So, here's my (partial) inventory of things we produce on the farm, and will be taking to the market tomorrow:

  • fresh fruit for tomorrow: champedak, duku and calamondin
  • greens for tomorrow: katuk and chaya
  • ornamental plants
  • chocolate bars: vanilla, rosita de cacao, allspice, milk
  • raw cacao
  • chocolate nibs
  • vanilla extract
  • vanilla paste
  • vanilla beans
  • calamondin marmalade
  • araza jam
  • dried fruit mix
  • candied ginger
  • cookies!
  • black pepper: ground and whole grain
  • medicinal honey: healthy spoonful, loving spoonful and sleepy spoonful
  • soaps: tomorrow we'll have activated charcoal, volcanic clay, papaya citrus, goats' milk, sandalwood orange, vanilla mint, eucalyptus mint, chocolate, oberon, coconut, tropical smoothie, playa negra and tooth!
  • activated charcoal and volcanic clay mask
  • jungle juice bug repellent
  • ginger hair serum
  • essential oil perfume blends: sweet and clear, and yoga
  • soothing salve
  • tincture blends: cleanse, immune, memory, gastric, kidney, liver, menopause, strength

  • Now I know why it took us so long to get away :)


    1. Hi Ancel! Glad to see you could get away! Where in the mountains did you go? That ws quite a list of things that you make on the farm... when do you sleep?


    thanks for sharing!