Monday, 23 February 2009

farm, what farm?

It seems that most of my posts lately have been about what happens indoors rather than what goes on in the outside, green part of the farm.

Mostly we grow fruits and spices and this is the lowest season of our year. We harvested the last of the black pepper in January and won't harvest more until May; the salak (snakefruit) has been intermittent and spotty recently and hasn't provided a solid harvest, we've dried a lot of the crop and propagated seeds for the nursery. Our ginger harvest is fairly steady and I've been busy making crystallized ginger for the market as well as ginger syrup and scones.

But slowly things are beginning to appear, the nutmegs are looking nice and heavy and are almost ready to pick. They drop when ready and are easy to harvest. And the cas is coming into season again. I'll be making fruit leather before February's out I hope.

But for now it's rainy and I have work to do indoors. Our tempeh is building a reputation locally and we now sell to two restaurants, I'd like to add a couple more. And I've been really enjoying working with ferments. I have sourdough bread rising above my head now, while behind me sits vats of seaweed kimchi.

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  1. I think one of the prettiest things is nutmeg with the bright red mace around the brown seed.


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