Wednesday, 26 May 2010

volunteer opportunity

We have a volunteer position available this Fall, to help with the harvest and processing of durian, mangosteen, rambutan, langsat, duku, keppel, kumquat, cacao and various other fruits, spices and herbs. The volunteer would be helping with the actual harvesting and then with the drying and preserving of the fruit. Ideally we would like someone for the duration of the season, which this year looks like early October through mid December. If anyone is interested please reply by comment!


  1. That has to be the coolest job imaginable! That would be a life changing experience if only I could afford to make the trip!

  2. wow, what an amazing opportunity! would love to do something like this one day, shame I don't have the funds at the moment :(

  3. Wish I werent at the other end of the planet!
    Ancel, how do you process mangosteen?

  4. Sunita, hello! Gosh, it would be lovely to have your help! For the mangosteen question, I dry it by segments sometimes leaving the seeds in. I really like the seeds, they taste a bit like cacao! I also take the seeds out and use the pulp to make a really delicious, but subtle, jam. I use about 40 sugar by weight. It doesn't set super hard, it's a very soft jam but the taste is superb and it's a pleasant light creamy pink colour. Very popular at the Farmers' Market.
    We also keep some of the skins to process: dry them and grind to a powder, or use fresh shells to make a tincture - both are used to treat skin infections and rashes. The rest of the shells we use as base to repair paths or fill in holes or ditches - it takes forever breaking down and is no use in the compost. Do you have mangosteens fruiting now?

  5. Steve and Flo,
    so nice that you think you'd enjoy our farm! And so sad that funds are low. One day, one day . . . :)

  6. I am interested in volunteering on the farm and I would love to make a trip for an experience of a lifetime! Is the position still available? Also, are there any requirements for the position or anything of that sort?

  7. sbrownoo8,
    There may be a position still available, please write to me through our website: for more information. It would be really helpful if you told us a bit about yourself too: how you found this post, what experience if any you've had with permaculture, the tropics, farmers' markets, food preservation, plus any general info, I'll get back to you asap!


thanks for sharing!