Saturday, 5 June 2010

where are all the flowers?

It's June already but something's missing. Where are all the flowers and all the developing fruit? There are no flowers on the mangosteen; the branches are bare of buds on the durian; there are no fallen petals below the champedak; no bees are buzzing round the rambutan; there's no early morning pollination of vanilla. There are no flowers. Which means there will be no fruit. Unless somehow it's all just late this year, but even if the farm is about to explode in blossom then that puts the fruit season back to November / December with the rains. Possible I guess.

It's very quiet. What about all those nectar loving insects, bats, birds and mammals? And what about those who rely on taking part of our harvest every year? All those oropendulas or iguanas for example, will there be enough fruit to share?
I hope so . . . I hope so.

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  1. This is rather alarming... Before we left Costa Rica we lamented that there were no mangoes, the blossoms never appeared on our trees, well a few did, but we are talking a very few. The oranges and manadrines didn't blossom either.I am wondering if the increased volcanic/electromagnetic activity in our area had some affect on the fruit trees. Is there volcanic activity near you? I hope that the trees are just late and that you will go out one morning to find every as it should be.


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