Sunday, 18 January 2009

coffee with sloth

Last night, just at sundown we heard a female sloth calling for a mate, it's an eery sound, more like a hawk than a mammal. She was in a tree immediately in front of the deck. We sat with our coffees, watching the silhouettes of two male sloths moving slowly towards her call. Odd to think of these slow placid creatures procreating, but the males were moving about as quickly as a non-falling sloth can move (they fall from trees with about the same speed as we might). One was clearly more interested and he disappeared into the shadows.
This morning sitting with coffee, we watched his rival move through the tree, he was in clear view, about 20 feet from us at eye level. A young male, fairly slight but handsome enough. He was looking for breakfast, descending on a vine pausing at branches to inspect likely new leaves. He moved hand over fist, like a sailor scaling a rope, but with his body sticking out parallel to the vine rather than hugging it. He was as comfortable hanging upside down as right side up. It seemed fitting enough to be sloth watching laying across the deck sipping coffee and whiling away the morning.

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