Friday, 30 January 2009

farm chores

Working with Fukuoka’s natural farming method really keeps farm chores to a minimum. With no tilling, no spraying, no pruning we are left with time for other things. That’s not to say there’s no work to be done. There’s fruit and spices to be picked, flowers to be pollinated, paths to be maintained, seeds to be started, mulching to be done, and of course there’s plenty of work in the nursery.

My chores really though are centered around getting ready for the farmers’ market. Each morning I put on tea for the kombucha and while it’s cooling I rinse the mung bean and alfalfa sprouts. Depending on the day I’ll either be milling and soaking soy beans or preparing the tempeh, and checking on how the tempeh is coming along in the incubator. If it’s a Thursday I’ll be roasting cacao. And every other day I’ll be drying fruit, or prepping dried fruit for our fruit mixes. All in it takes about 2 hours each day to complete my chores. Not too bad, especially considering I work at home in a beautiful open air kitchen and navigate my way to and fro between our 4 happy handsome and often sleepy dogs

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