Friday, 14 August 2009

getting business like

My sister is a business woman and while she was here took my "marketing strategy" in hand. I had no marketing strategy, but now I have a wonderful new label and logo. Having made our old labels on appleworks and being quite pleased with them, this new label making thing was a whole new process and one I really enjoyed. After discussing what my market startegy was, who my "target market" were and what our "vision, goals and values" are, we went outside and took a lot of photos which were then sent to the designer. Euan Gallacher, the very talented, then took us through a series of steps to create the finished design. It was a bit like going to the hairdressers - you enter having no idea what you want, look at some magazines, come up with some idea that has no resemblance to your hair / face / lifestyle, and then slowly the professional leads you through to something that looks great and makes you feel good about yourself. Lots of communication and processing, but with Euan it was all very mellow and comfortable. We wanted an image related to the salak fruit and Euan chose a single flower from the composite male flower to work with. This was a stroke of genius as it also looks like an opened ripe fruit. He tried out several designs and we chose the one we liked and the process of refining began. I really liked the process and I love the label. We haven't finished yet, and there are a couple of tweaks needed here and there, but I want to show it off here, and thank Euan for all his greatness! And my sister for being a mastermind.

Oops, my technical knowhow has failed me, but you can see the logo on Euan's site. I'll work it out . . .

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  1. Ancel, I love it! I just hopped over to Euan's site and saw your logo. That red-yellow combination on the brown background looks very striking. And yes, I got the brown as earth connection (though I do think it is very chocolate-y too ... yum!)
    Yes, I do think your sister is a marketing genius too :)


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