Friday, 28 August 2009

Guerrilla mulching and composting campaign !!!!!!!

Let's launch a new challenge, or campaign, or call it what you will, to give something back to our urban trees!

The trees which decorate and beautify our urban landscape, whether they be in parking lots, along pavements, in tubs in malls or growing wild through cracks and in abandoned lots deserve care and attention. These trees provide local shade, mitigate the heat generated by acres of concrete, enhance and mediate urban water systems, create micro-environments and give habitat to other plant, insect, bird and mammal species. They bring life to otherwise drab scenes: who hasn't sought some solace or protection below a tree in the city?

It's time for action! All you composters, gardeners, wild harvesters, green-eco-sustainable-vegetarian-homesteader-permaculture-biodynamic-organic types - carry compost with you. Or failing that, carry mulch with you.

Challenge yourself to compost and/or mulch an urban tree each time you go to that parking lot, or railway station or mall or library, or wherever you may go. Where there's a tree, there's an opportunity to give!

Compost may be kitchen scraps, grass cuttings, tree trimmings, pulled weeds . . .
Mulch may be dried leaves/plant matter, newsprint, cardboard, the sawdust from your child's rabbit / hamster cage, the lint from the dryer, straw . . .

Go guerrillas!

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