Sunday, 16 August 2009

wowolo! Mabolo!

The harvests are coming in thick and fast. Today the Mabolos started to drop. The Mabolo or Velvet Apple is one of my favourites.

I gathered a 5 gallon bucket of the fruit below the tree and all down the little hill which the tree tops. The fruit are easy to find, a low russet red among the brown leaves. So pretty. They look like a firm white peach - a russet pink skin with a downy pinkish green fuzz topped by a simple 4 lobed green crown which hugs the fruit and turns red-black with age. Inside the skin the fruit is pink tinged but changes rapidly to a white cream. It's hard like an unripe peach, but not crunchy, the texture is dry and a tiny bit grainy. There's no real bite to the fruit but it's firm and pleasant. The taste is subtly floral, and I know there's something it reminds me of, just can't remember what. Inside there are between 4 and 7 seeds each about the size of a brazil nut: I don't think they're edible.

The fruit is ready when it falls, sometimes it bruises a little in the drop and if bruised, or if left for a day or two it will start to become mushy and soft. Not a long shelf life. Best to eat when found.

Tonight I put some in the dehydrator to see if they'll work in the dried fruit mix. I hope they do, the floral taste will be a nice addition, and because they are so dry to start they should dry quickly. I've put them in at a lower temperature, we'll see in the morning . . . I also cooked a little in some lime juice and sugar to see how they might hold up as a preserve: not sure yet, need to test more tomorrow, but first impressions are quite good - close to pear in both texture and taste, so might make a good butter with a little added vanilla, or a great pie or crumble.

I first tasted Mabolo last year and am very excited and happy to be able to use it this season. The seeds i planted from last years fruits look about ready to graft too. Oh it's such a nice busy happy time.

Just read that the skin is supposed to smell like rotten cheese, ours seem not to, just smell fruity.


  1. Wow i have never heard of this fruit and would love to taste it. My fruits are on their way out and am taking a break. If grown from seed , how long would they take to fruit?

  2. Hi Helen,

    I'd be happy to send you some seeds. There are male and female plants so you'd have to plant more than one. It would take about 5 years from seed to fruit. Let's talk about seed exchange on Blotanical? How's the rain over there?

  3. Thanks Ancel, the rains have been so so not what should be but grateful for every drop. I will contact you via Botanicals

  4. I dont think i've seen this fruit but from the photo it looks very much like an egg-fruit. I wonder if its the same.

  5. h! its so nice having such info from your websites hope you do have some recipes in making mabolo more acceptable to the society despite of its unusual characteristics hre in our school were having a reseach extention focus on mabolo


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